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Work Visa Overview

Unlock a world of career opportunities with Yes Overseas Careers. Beyond education and visit visas, we specialize in helping you secure the right work visa for your international career ambitions. Whether you're seeking professional growth, exploring job prospects, or pursuing your dream career abroad, our dedicated team is here to navigate the intricacies of work visa applications. Your global career journey begins with Yes Overseas Careers.

Common for skilled professionals in specialty occupations.

H1B Visa
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The L-1 visa is an intra-company transfer U.S. visa, It allows a U.S

L1 Visa
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For individuals with extraordinary abilities or achievements

O Visa
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Our Work Visa Package

Embark on a global career journey with confidence through Yes Overseas Careers' Work Visa Package. We specialize in facilitating your international job opportunities and ensuring a seamless transition to your chosen work destination. Here's what our comprehensive package includes:

• Visa Strategy:
Our experienced consultants will develop a tailored visa strategy aligned with your career objectives, ensuring you meet the specific requirements of your chosen destination.
• Document Preparation:
We'll guide you through the meticulous preparation of all necessary documents, including job offers, qualifications, and other essential paperwork, to facilitate a successful visa application.
• Interview Preparation:
Our experts will provide you with valuable insights and interview tips to enhance your chances of securing your work visa.
• SEVIS Fee Payment:
For U.S.-bound professionals, we'll assist you in processing the required SEVIS fee payment, an essential step in the visa application process.
• Application Submission:
We'll facilitate the smooth completion and submission of all required forms, ensuring accuracy and adherence to application deadlines.
• Post-Visa Assistance:
Our support doesn't end with visa approval. We'll provide guidance on pre-departure preparations, settling into your new work environment, and any immigration requirements after arrival.
• Networking Opportunities:
Benefit from our extensive network of professional connections and resources, which can be invaluable in establishing your career abroad.
Choose Yes Overseas Careers for your work visa needs and unlock a world of professional opportunities. We're dedicated to ensuring your global career journey is successful, fulfilling, and prosperous.

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Free Consultation

Begin Your Journey to a Bright Overseas Career with a Free Consultation at Yes Overseas Careers.

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Admission process

Elevate Your Aspirations with Yes Overseas Careers. Streamline the Admission Process and Unlock Opportunities for World-Class Education.

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Coaching Classes

Elevate Your Preparation with Yes Overseas Careers' Expert Coaching Classes, Paving the Way to Your Educational Goals.

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Reason for Choosing Us

Discover Your Path to Success Abroad with Yes Overseas Careers. Our Expertise and Efficiency Ensure Your Dreams Come True.

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Direct Interviews

Gain direct access to admission interviews with top international educational institutions, simplifying your path to a global education.

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Faster Processing

Our efficient procedures ensure swift progress in your overseas career journey.

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Visa Assistance

We provide expert guidance and support to simplify the visa application process.

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Expert Guidance

Benefit from our expertise for quicker and smoother overseas career transitions.